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What is The BB all about?

A Boys' Brigade Company is made up of four sections. The Anchor Boys, The Junior Section, The Company Section and The Senior Section.

The Anchor Boys are the first stage to introduce boys to the Boys' Brigade at 5 years of age and they remain in the section until they are 8.
On arrival the boys are split into teams and each team is inspected by an officer or helper. The inspection is based on cleanliness and smartness of uniform (which is a red jumper). The smartest boy from each team is awarded a badge, which is worn for one week, to indicate that he was the winner of his team.
Team games are then played where the boys compete against each other to win points. Which are recorded on a chart. These are usually followed by a quiet time during which the Devotions are held. A craft activity will follow, this can be based on many things - a bible story, the seasons, things to make, etc, always something different which enables the boys to develop their manipulative skills. Following the craft activity, the boys all come together to play some games. The session is ended with the saying of the Anchor Boys Vesper
"Jesus Tender Shepherd hear us. Bless our Anchor Boys tonight. Through the darkness be thou near us, watch our sleep 'till morning light.

The Adventure Begins Here

The Junior Section is the middle section of the Boys' Brigade and it is like a combination of the Anchor Boys and the Company Section.
The evening is split into 4 main sections.
Fall in - The boys arrive and are split into teams. The teams are inspected and a smartest boy from each team is selected. The smartest boys are then inspected again and the best of them is presented with a medal, which he wears on his uniform for one week. The opening devotions are also held during the fall in.
The Achievement Scheme - The boys work for badges which are worn on an armband. The badges are - 1st year - white and green, 2nd year - purple and blue and 3rd year - red and gold. The gold badge is the highest award in the junior section. The Achievement Scheme is based on the following categories - physical, community, interests, spiritual and adventure.
Group Work - this is similar to the craft work carried out in the Anchor Boys. The boys may be making a seasonal picture or card or a model, etc.
Games - The boys will play some games as a section
The evening ends with boys putting their uniforms back on and coming together for the closing devotions and any announcements that have to be made

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The Company Section (11-15years) and Senior Section (15-19 years) meet twice a week. On Monday nights the sections meet in uniform and work on the Brigade Badge Scheme. These badges fall into the same categories as the Junior Section badges. The scheme culminates in the awarding of the President's Badge and Queen's Badge. In addition to the Brigade Badge Scheme we also offer the Duke of Edinburgh Award (Bronze and Silver).
The second night that we meet (Tuesday) is an informal night. It is a free night for the lads to play games including table tennis, pool, darts, football and badminton as well as having the opportunity to play video games, watch TV, listen to music or just to sit around chatting.
The lads in the Company and Senior sections have each year the opportunity to compete in the National Competitions. we have over the years travelled far and wide in the National Competitions including trips to Belfast, Morecambe. Nottingham, Oxford and Tamworth amongst many others.