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KGVI Officer Cadets

KGVI is an officer training course for any aspiring Boys Brigade Officers (men and women) between the ages of 17 and 19. It consists of two, week long residential courses, over two years at Feldon Lodge. Cadets who successfully complete the King George VI Leadership Scheme will be awarded a certificate which enables them to the appointed to an officer rank in the Boys' Brigade. The KGVI Officer Cadet scheme is considered to be the very best Boys' Brigade leadership training.

The following list of members and past members have all attended and completed the KGVI Officer Cadet training

Paul Knowles (1981)
Andrew Heppell
Paul Raine (1983)
Barry Pigg
Michael Heppell (1985)
Andrew Nesbitt (1985)
Graeme Stobbart (1990)
Andrew Murphy (1999)
Damien Dimmick (1999)
Christopher Dodds (2000)

KGVI Cadets