2nd Consett

75 Years Continuous Service

In November of 2001 the 2nd (Consett) North West Durham began a year of celebrations to commemorate and unbroken 75 years since Matt Atkinson founded the company. The following are some of the messages of congratulations and support that the company received.

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Congratulations to the 2nd Consett Company of The Boys’ Brigade as you begin your celebrations for your 75th Anniversary. During your 75 years the company has kept faith and come through many difficulties. I particularly remember the company when the steel industry closed. Many officers and boys had to re-organise their lives. I also have happy memories of meeting young men from the company on KGVI and at other times. They must all be getting on to middle age by now.
By work, devotion and the love of the Lord Jesus you have come this far. I join with you in thanking God for all the work and all the lives which have been touched for good over the last 75 years and I pray that the company will go forward under His banner to continue to advance Christ’s Kingdom among boys.
His Honour Judge R Lockett, Recorder of Preston
Brigade President

I am pleased to send congratulations and very best wishes on the occasion of the 2nd Consett Company’s 75th Anniversary. It is an achievement for any company to have existed for such a period of time and must be a testimony to the dedication of the officers over the years and the support of the Church.
I am sure that there are many adults who have happy memories of their time spent in the company and who will acknowledge that part the company played in their development during the formative years of growing up. The company has enjoyed a high reputation in Brigade circles and I have personal experience of the high quality of the young men the company has sent to Feldon Lodge for training as officers under the King George VI Officer Cadet Scheme.
I hope your year of celebration will be a time when you can look back with pride and pleasure on past achievements and also look forward to future opportunities of serving young people and the Church. As you look towards attaining the next milestone in the life of the company which will be you centenary you will no doubt, face many changes as you seek to meet the needs of the churches and young people today. However, provided you remain integrated with your church and the officers rooted in the Christian faith I have no doubt you will experience continued success.
May God bless and guide all the endeavours of the company in the future as He has in the past.
With every good wish
Sydney Jones OBE
Brigade Secretary

Thank you for the opportunity to express good wishes to the 2nd (Consett) North West Durham company of the Boys Brigade on this your 75th Anniversary as a Boys Brigade Company.
These good wishes come form the district and myself, along with a sincere thank you for what you have accomplished in working with young people.
Despite the many difficulties in working with young people today the company has continued to be a major force within the Battalion and also nationally.
This has only been achieved over the years because of the dedication of the officers and the loyalty of the boys.
May God be with you in all you seek to do for Him.
Eric Stoddart
North East England District President

To all members of the 2nd Consett Company, both past and present:
On behalf of the North West Durham Battalion, I am pleased to send you many congratulations and best wishes as you embark upon your 75th Anniversary Celebrations. I am sure that you will make it a year to remember for all of your members and hopefully be able to get many past members together to re-establish old acquaintances and friendships.
On a more personal note, as a former member of the company, I am grateful to have this opportunity to pass on my best wishes to all that have been involved in any way with the 2nd Consett over the past 75 years. You are all part of a company with a great tradition and a reputation for always striving to enable boys to get the most from their time in the company, both in the availability of a full awards programme and in a wide variety of extra non-programme activities.
The 2nd Consett has always been one of the strongest companies within the Battalion and despite the recent nationally recognised problems with retention; the company is still holding strong and has entered the new millennium on a sound footing.
The current company staff is one of the main reasons behind this, and also the lads who have stuck by them. Well done to you all for your hard work and efforts, often behind the scenes, which seem to go unnoticed.
But without those who have gone before, the foundations would not be in place to build on. So finally, I say a big "Thank You" to all involved, for making the company what it is today, and hopefully leaving you in good shape for the push towards your Centenary and beyond.
With best regards to all
Paul Knowles
North West Durham Battalion President.

Have you ever caught a vision? 24 years ago I was introduced to Battalion Junior Section Camp at Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, and that was my baptism into the Boys’ Brigade. I had caught a vision. It gives me so much pleasure to write this as Captain of the 2nd Consett Company and to offer my congratulations on celebrating 75 years.
The Boys’ Brigade is the Advancement of Christ’s Kingdom. A Kingdom of fun, friendship and freedom.
Fun, in experiencing new things.
Friendship, in making new friends.
Freedom, in being yourself.
Many before caught this vision, as have those now and many will in the future.
That is the only reason we celebrate now; because of those men and women who not only caught the vision, but sustained it and fed it. To them we owe our existence.
To the Methodist Churches of Consett (Middle Street and The Avenue) we give our thanks.
To the 2nd Consett Company (boys and officers) we wish the very best.
And into the grace of God we place our future.
Colin Carroll
2nd Consett Captain

Congratulations to the 2nd Consett Company on reaching your 75th Anniversary. It is a wonderful achievement and one, which deserves to be celebrated in style.
What a different world, in so many ways, was the world in which this company was founded. Yet the hopes and aspirations of those establishing the company and those who continue to serve in it today are probably not that dissimilar. Their aim and ours today is to provide a space where boys and young men in our town can develop their potential physically, mentally, spiritually.
Many will be grateful to the sacrificial giving of the time and energy of leaders throughout that period. Many will remember hours of fun and laughter. Many will be grateful for friendships formed in the company and lasting through the years. Many will be grateful for Christian teaching received , which has held in good stead through the years.
Congratulations 2nd Consett Company. Thank you to all who have kept this company afloat through many changing times, and thank you to those who carry on the good work now.
Rev Nigel Waterfield
Chaplain 2nd Consett Company.

During my time in the Company Section and now as an officer, I have seen the 2nd Consett Company go from strength to strength. Yet only a few years ago (while I was in the Junior Section) it was on the verge of collapse. It is a minor miracle that the company not only survived to celebrate its 75th anniversary, but has become one of the best companies in the North of England. I know from talking to officers from companies up and down the country during my KGVI training that we have an impressive company compared to most others - but then I knew that anyway! We are a strong company, and not just in terms of the number of lads coming through, which can vary from year to year. We have a strength in character built up by a team of capable, enthusiastic officers who create an atmosphere that the lads can enjoy; and a structure whereby we give them goals to strive for and try to equip them to achieve those goals. I hope I am still involved with the company when it is celebrating its 100th anniversary!
Andrew Murphy.
Lieutenant 2nd Consett Company

To all of you I wish you well. For the officers, the work that you are doing with young men in inculcating values of citizenship and Christian manliness is you legacy that will outlive you and for which so many will thank you in the future. To the boys, the friends that you make in this company will be yours forever and you will be a help and strength to each other wherever you go and however many years pass. The young men that I knew as a boy and officer in the 10th Consett have scattered to the four corners of the word but we are still very close friends, help and see each other as we cross paths.
God Bless you all.
Dr. Derreck Siddell
Former member of 10th Consett

The 4TH Hartlepool congratulates you on an outstanding achievement. 75 years shows a level of commitment to The Boys Brigade. I hope you celebrate the future as well as the past.
The best is yet to come
Arthur Bainbridge
Office of the 4th Hartlepool